Caravan Shoppe Business Card

Some of our best work is done over a good meal. In January 2014, Mike and I went out to eat with one goal: come up with a cool business card idea for Caravan. We wanted something that showed that the printable¬†downloads we offer at Caravan are fun and clever. Our letterpress printer, Leland Rowley of Rowley Press had jokingly challenged us to design a card featuring a rocket and a llama. We started dinner laughing at this joke, and tossed around several ideas that had nothing to do with rockets. We knew we wanted the card to be interactive and have a moving part in some way. Once we landed on the idea of having a spinning disk, we simply needed to figure out what illustration could make sense with a spinning disk… and arrived at a man (and a monkey) floating around inside of a rocket.¬†Full circle.