We have had the opportunity to be involved in the creation of a few businesses that we are quite proud of. Look below for where else you might find us, and a little info on each venture!


Caravan Shoppe


Together with our partner Melanie Burk, we created Caravan–a shoppe full of digital downloads with beautiful and lasting DIY kids toys, party and holiday decor, and gorgeous wall art—all at inexpensive prices. It is incredibly fun for us to create artwork for digital download! Check it out here!




Alma has been teaching online courses in Illustrator and design since 2010. She has taught thousands of students to use and to love Adobe Illustrator. Her classes are known for helping students start from zero and become competent quickly.


Tryangle Labs


A few years ago, we teamed up with some friends to start a children’s educational app company, Tryangle Labs. Our app, Make it Pop, was featured as New and Noteworthy by Apple. It teaches numbers, letters, shapes, sizes, and colors!