Creative Process

Creative Process

We have been keeping busy during the last few months with a lot of cool projects that will be featured soon. One such project we are happy to share is a collaboration with Teddie Films, who we know from Mike’s days at Rubberball. They asked us to redesign the mural featured in the massively famous and fantastic Gotye music video, Somebody That I Used To Know.  We were honored and jumped at the challenge.

But there was more! Not only did they want us to redesign the mural and do a bit of art direction, they wanted Mike to play the part of George Lucas in it.

It all went together so seamlessly, and Tyler and Eddie were so much fun to work with.  We know this will go on to be a hit for sure. Check out our conceptual work below, and see how it all came together in the video!

This is an early version that was scrapped because it would be too complex and too much work, so we went with the Death Star and I think it’s stronger for it.

In contemplating how we would tackle so many colors (21 in fact), I decided to turn the mural into a paint by numbers so that those of us involved in painting would have an easier time.

This is the final mural, without the two leads.

Here, as reference, I placed illustrations of Vader and Lucas over the mural.

Here is the final product, YAY.  There will be a MAKING OF, coming soon, so I’ll update this post with that.
This is a separate art print based on the finished video, which is based on the preliminary art!
Creative Process

Mike and  I attended Altitude Design Summit this year. It was my third year attending and Mike’s first. Since it is a conference that brings together designers and design bloggers, it is vital to have a killer business card, since everyone else is bringing their A-game and your business card is the first way to show others exactly what your vibe is.

As Mike and I were brainstorming what we might do, we revisited an idea that we had almost four years ago. Check it out, with no judgment on our style or execution, okay? At lot can change in four years.

We decided to have Mike do portraits of both of us, and then cut off these portraits half-way, using the tagline “Check out my better half.” You flip the card, and BAM, there’s the spouse! Fun, right? We were pretty excited. Apparently the double-sided punchline is our thing. Each side describes what we do (try to sum that up in 5 words…) and shows our URLs. We opted not to go with Ollibird cards per se, since we are involved in a few companies in addition to our main work at Ollibird (like Nicole’s Classes and Tryangle Labs), and so each side of the card gives a URL to what is basically an online calling card ( and You’ll want to check out those sites, because they’re as fun as the business cards. (Full disclosure: They don’t work on mobile devices right now… we’re ignoring that while we finish up some more urgent projects.)

When it came to the decision about printing, letterpress was obviously the way to go, and Rowley Press was the obvious choice. I had shown my concept to other designers to get feedback and all the feedback was “You can’t do double-sided letterpress,” or “The details are too fine for letterpress.” I had worked with Leland Rowley before on our self promo memory card game. He’d proven that he could do both double-sided and fine detail. Working with Leland on this design was a dream, and the turnaround time was so phenomenal that I shouldn’t even put it out on the internet (two days, people). And to add to it all, Leland is also incredible, genuinely nice. We really can’t recommend him highly enough! Working with him makes me just want to letterpress everything I’ve ever made.