We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Fifth and Hazel to open a new store, Caravan!

As artists and designers, we enjoy the freedom of being able to create and produce our own artwork inexpensively. When Mike and I were engaged, he apologized to me for not being handy. I told him that I can pay anyone to come in and fix the kitchen sink, but to be able to have unlimited artwork? That is something I can’t put a price on!

At Caravan, we charge a small fee for the artwork we create, and allow you to download it and print it as many times as you like! This allows you to have copies of our artwork at the same prices that we would pay to make copies of it. If you’re a little print-shy, don’t worry! We include instructions, and in all cases, we make our projects very print-friendly!

As you get ready for the holidays, think of how you can save a little money by shopping at Caravan. Purchase the artwork once, and make 10 calendars for your neighbors! Or 10 sets of Olliblocks! Or, my current favorite, Alleluia! DIY Nativity Puzzle.


We are thrilled to introduce a new product in our digital downloads store. We collaborated together to create illustrations of girls, boys, and animals, and we’ve set them up to mix and match! Simply download the PDF, print, adhere the paper to wooden blocks, and start mixing and matching. But don’t take our word for it. The moment we assembled our first set and gave it to our 3-year-old son, he immediately started playing with it and proclaimed, “I LOVE THIS!” For a boy of few words, it was the greatest review we could hope to receive. Download a set (or all three) and enjoy!


Simply purchase a PDF in our store ($5 each or $12 for all three sets), download, and print! The downloads come with all instructions needed for the project.

These make great gifts, especially when you’re making multiple sets!

Here are some links to products that I recommend:

Full sheet sticker paper

1.5″ blocks

2″ blocks

1.5″ wooden tiles

2″ wooden tiles

White foam (pieces may be adhered to white foam instead of wooden tiles or blocks and used like paper dolls)

Modge Podge

Acrylic Sealer (may help with Modge Podge tackiness)


Today is a great day! Today Make It Pop has been released in the app store and I can finally blog about it!

Earlier this summer, I started Tryangle Labs with three friends—two designers and a programmer—so that together we could create quality, well designed educational apps for children. Make It Pop is the first of what we hope to be MANY apps!

I cannot tell you how much fun it has been creating this app, in all aspects. I wish that I had video of when our programmer Darren first showed us how, without any graphics, he programmed one of the app’s games (popping bubbles) to work. It was just a bunch of circles that generated from a corner of the screen, and if you touched the circles they disappeared. Well, to us non-programmer designers, this was ABSOLUTE MAGIC. The mere fact that we could have ideas, and a programmer could make them work, and all we had to do was create the graphics to make them look good opened a whole new world to us! Creating the graphics for this has also been an incredibly rewarding experience. I don’t know if I can describe how cool it is to draw/design a girl, and then actually be able to interact with her, popping her bubble gum!

It has also been rewarding to watch our own children play with this app. Our kids are below the age where they can understand, “Mommy and Daddy made this!” So to see them choose this app among all the many choices they have (Oliver is very picky when it comes to which apps he’s going to play), and then consistently come back to it again and again over the course of months shows us that we’re doing something right! (Also the fact that Oliver knows what a pentagon and a hexagon is!!)

I really couldn’t be happier today. HUGE thanks to the Tryangle Labs team, Darren, Angie, and Melanie. Melanie lives about 10 minutes away from me, but Darren is in Texas and Angie is in New York, which makes it really hard and not very fun to have a proper launch party (Melanie and I are getting together in an hour to shoot some footage of our kids playing with the app for a little promo video… does that count?).

Make It Pop is a great app for preschoolers that teaches numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and sizes. Check it out!


I was contacted recently by an individual named Melanie, who lives in Florida and turns out to be a really cool music blogger who co-created and writes for a blog called The Ruckus, which has been a great resource for me of lesser known music acts.  Anyway, she contacted me because she had a beloved dog named Delilah that passed away recently, and while that is obviously sad, she commissioned a portrait from me to honor her memory.

Delilah was not just ANY dog, she was also pretty darn famous, appearing on SAYMedia for Dogster, and her image also graced TypePad‘s business cards. Needless to say, I was more than honored.  Melanie chose an iconic image of her, the one that was used in the ad for Dogster, actually.

Here is the image used:

AND the portrait itself:

Thanks to Melanie, and to Delilah for being such a fine canine.



I’m very excited to announce that a blog design I did for has gone live! Check it out so that you can enjoy all its loveliness, and so that you can also take advantage of all the great content!

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