52 birds

I’ve had a little less time the past couple weeks, so it was a perfect time to break from the more detailed bird illustrations I’ve been doing and spend some time on some simpler illustrations I have been meaning to do.

On my Instagram account, a follower commented that she hates it when people call gulls “seagulls.” I hadn’t realized that there is actually no bird called a “seagull.” They are all different kinds of gulls. Because I’m terrible at gull identification, I wanted to take some time to illustrate the different types. Certainly taking the time to STOP, look, and illustrate each of these birds helps me to really remember the differences! So far I have illustrated four gulls:



I had wanted to take a trip to San Diego last month, but had to put it off for a major deadline. I hope to get out there fairly soon, and by the time I make it out, I want to have illustrated all the gulls of North America. Then I’ll put my identification skills to the test! So far I am learning that the gulls differ in size, beak color, eye color, leg color, and white/gray/black coloring.

Eventually I would like to add even more details to these gulls, but for now, the simplicity of this project is a perfect fit for my time. When I have all the different gulls, I’ll put together a poster or a pocket guide or something fun!