Double Crested Cormorant

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Today I chose to illustrate one of my favorite birds, the double crested cormorant. There is a tree near my house that is full of these in the summer. Today I was able to take a closer look at photos of them and realized they have a very unique eye, and very distinct and interesting feathers on their wings. I loved that their bodies are black/blue/green iridescent while their wings are a warm gray, with great details in the feathers. I sought to capture all of this while making this illustration. double-crested-cormorant-620px

Each week, I share my new birds on instagram, but I feel that instagram doesn’t give a sense of the details that are in each illustration, so today I also shared this zoomed in detail shot. The double crested cormorant was fun to illustrate, and I think I may print a large version of this for display in my home!