365 Patterns: More of June and into July…

365 Patterns

Obviously I have just fallen into the habit of updating these in bulk… Here are a random collection of patterns from the past few weeks! I’m a little behind right now. A few days over Canada Day and Independence Day got left out. I would like to play a little catch-up because I do want to end this year with 365 patterns!

paratroopers paratroopers

Paratroopers, a request from a friend who will be submitting them to a client. Doing specific requests are fun because they stretch me a bit. There are a lot of times that I will start an idea and then abandon it because it’s not coming together. When I have to do a specific idea no matter what, then it forces me to push past barriers of creativity until I come up with something that works! I enjoyed designing these little guys!


This is a collaboration with Mike! Mike’s drawings, my colors, and my pattern arrangement. Another request (scary dinosaurs for a tween boy). I’d love to do more patterns with Mike’s illustrations.


This was last night’s pattern. I needed something fairly quick, so I stole an octopus from a product I’m currently developing for Caravan. I’m really happy with how this one turned out. A friend on Instagram mentioned it would make great boys’ swimming trunks.


On Canada Day this year, we went to Antelope Island. When we were packing up the car (in the dark!) to go home, we could hear coyotes all around us. The kids were belted safely in their seats, and I was pretty excited that we were just treated to a chorus of coyotes, so I poked my head in and asked if the kids heard that. Both kids said, “I scared a coyotes.” That’s become a new catch phrase in the Loveland home. At the time I thought that coyotes were more fox-size. Oops. I found out a couple days later (when I looked up coyote videos on YouTube to show Joan) that they’re much bigger than I thought (still not as big as wolves…) but I’m now questioning how smart I was to, after packing up the car, 1) walk to the bathrooms by myself, and 2) walk over to our abandoned picnic table by myself to clean up the extra garbage we’d left. After researching it enough, I’m still convinced that I was never really in any danger. But maybe next time I hear coyotes howling around me in all directions, I won’t wander off by myself in the dark. (Don’t worry! Mike was back at the car with the kids! At least I wan’t abandoning the little ones, all strapped into their seats with the car doors open!)

delicate white flowers

I keep drawing these flowers whenever I want to do a simple floral. I guess I love this little shape. This time I made them large and added line-leaves.


My obligatory popsicle pattern of the year. It’s been over 100 degrees every day for the last little while. Oh, did I mention our office doesn’t have air conditioning?

baby animals

Again, for the friend/client above, I did these two animal patterns. This was a revision request on an existing pattern. I needed to add a bear, a tiger, and a zebra.

baby animals monsters-cars monsters cars

Another request from the same friend. This time, “Scary monsters, driving cars, one with a tongue flapping like a dog, can be humorous.” How could I not have fun with that one?

jumping bunnies

And one for a lazy day when I was mostly horizontal on the couch and just needed to get something done. The funny thing is, these simple repeated patterns are often my favorites when I’m shopping for clothes or other textiles. How cute would this be as an unexpected lining of a purse or jacket?

happy canada friends

I had a pattern request for something for Canada Day. (I do take random requests, by the way! If I like the idea or the challenge, if it helps me come up with an idea or gives me some direction, then I will follow through on it!)

stack homes

Little houses out of stacking geometric shapes.

flying fish

Last year, we visited Catalina Island, and the flying fish tour was my favorite event of our stay!


For these, I was inspired by some pajamas that I bought Oliver that have astronaut dogs. These started as pirate dogs, but I ended up making them into real pirates because why not?? I also worked out a version of this with map lines.


This started as a wiener dog pattern that evolved into sea lions when the wiener dogs just weren’t coming together right.


And finally, a blueberry pattern with rich colors!