365 Patterns, May/June

You don’t mind terribly another catch-up post, do you?

05-16-whoopee 05-19-pasta 05-20-whales 05-21-ewe 05-22-littleleaves 05-23-lineelephants 05-24-aliens 05-25-aliens 05-26-happycirclepetals 05-27-babyanimals 05-28-babygiraffes 05-29-littlehouses 05-30-littleflowers 05-31-bananastand 06-01-dancingbunnies 06-02-dancinganimals 06-03-potatobugs 06-04-camping 06-05-umbrellas 06-06-mixtape 06-07-lemons-limes 06-08-summerfloral 06-09-breakfast 06-10-fish 06-11-running-geese 06-11-running-geese2

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  1. Egad, Alma!

    How do sleep at night with this many awesome ideas swirling around your head?

    Love the whoopee cushions + cassette tapes.

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