We are thrilled to introduce a new product in our digital downloads store. We collaborated together to create illustrations of girls, boys, and animals, and we’ve set them up to mix and match! Simply download the PDF, print, adhere the paper to wooden blocks, and start mixing and matching. But don’t take our word for it. The moment we assembled our first set and gave it to our 3-year-old son, he immediately started playing with it and proclaimed, “I LOVE THIS!” For a boy of few words, it was the greatest review we could hope to receive. Download a set (or all three) and enjoy!


Simply purchase a PDF in our store ($5 each or $12 for all three sets), download, and print! The downloads come with all instructions needed for the project.

These make great gifts, especially when you’re making multiple sets!

Here are some links to products that I recommend:

Full sheet sticker paper

1.5″ blocks

2″ blocks

1.5″ wooden tiles

2″ wooden tiles

White foam (pieces may be adhered to white foam instead of wooden tiles or blocks and used like paper dolls)

Modge Podge

Acrylic Sealer (may help with Modge Podge tackiness)


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  1. completely, absolutely adorable! i know what i’m doing this weekend :)


  2. I.LOVE.THIS! Thanks for sharing the cuteness! :0)

  3. I snatched these up on Carina’s recommendation- SO adorable, and so many ideas forming for them. Already so many thoughts. I’m also thinking, besides tiles and blocks, puppets on long flat sticks/shims. We’ve already got some in the house… and my kids love little stick puppets. Also, less pieces for me to lose, so win/win. Variable crafts for variable ages… LOVE,LOVE,LOVE. My eleven yr old dau is going to LOVE helping me make these, btw. The only thing better (and lazier) would be if they were print and cut on Silhouette as sets….(smaller sets…price wise, I mean, since their print and cuts are a dollar a piece). Lazy but effective crafters unite!!! :-)

  4. PA ScrappyMom

    This has Christmas present written all over it. YAY! I love giving my kids handmade presents that are made with love. Thanks for these adorable illustrations.

  5. These are wonderful! How creative and easy to make!!

  6. Kayci

    I LOVE THESE! Every last tiny little detail of them!

  7. These are beyond darling! Thanks for making them to share. I was thinking also they would work well on magnetic squares for the fridge or a metal board in the the car/for church etc. Too cute!

  8. oliwog

    We were trying to figure new, inexpensive toys for our nursery at church. This will be perfect. Love!

  9. Oh my goodness, could these get any more cuter? I think I have found what I am making the cousins for Christmas! I am Melanie’s friend, and could not be more in love with your work!


  10. I have two questions.

    How do they work on both a 2 in and 1 1/2 in block? Do I get two files or can I shrink the page to fit whatever size I want? I have some blocks that are just under 1 1/2 in. Can I use those?

    Second question. My kids want tickets to Sea World. Instead of just giving them the tickets I want them to learn the value of work. There is a little craft fair in our small community. I would love to have my kids make a dozen or so sets to sell. Can I get permission to do that?


    • Alma

      Hi, Juliana! The PDF download has 2-inch artwork on pages 2 and 3, and separate 1.5-inch artwork on page 4. If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, and a little technical know-how, you could resize it yourself to the size that you need!

      As far as the craft fair goes, I really appreciate you asking permission! Unfortunately, in the Rights and Usage section of the instructions (which you only see once you have the actual download—I should probably add this info to this post and the listing itself), I specifically ask that the artwork not be sold in any way. I feel like this is something that I need to keep fairly black and white. Sorry!

  11. Korie

    Love these! Any chance you will make printables featuring kids from ther counties? It would be grat for teachers and homeschoolers teaching geography!

  12. Cassie Lawson

    I also had the same question as Juliana about how they fit both 1.5 and 2 inch blocks. Could you clarify? Thanks!

    • Alma

      Hi, Cassie! The PDF download has 2-inch artwork on pages 2 and 3, and separate 1.5-inch artwork on page 4. If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, and a little technical know-how, you could resize it yourself to another size that you need (as long as it’s smaller than 2-inches… it won’t work well to size it up to a larger size!).

  13. I was going to do this for Christmas, but I might not be able to wait. I love it.

    I saw you said above these couldn’t be made and then resold. What about printing multiple copies for a ladies craft night (where ladies would only be paying for sticker paper and blocks at cost, not for any sort of profit)?

    Regardless this is an affordable and adorable download. Can’t wait to make one for my kid.

    • Alma

      Ladies craft night is in! As long as you’re not reselling, make as many copies as you want and enjoy your night! Take some pics and share them on instagram, if you like! I’d love to see them. My username is @almaloveland!

  14. Michelle

    Is the acrylic sealant absolutely necessary?

    • Alma

      Hi, Michelle! Nope, it’s not absolutely necessary. But glossy Modge Podge ends up being tacky even after it’s dried, which has made my blocks stick together, which isn’t good, since some of the finish and paper has torn off. If you use matte Modge Podge you won’t run into this issue at all.

  15. These are wonderful! I found them on pinterest and it comes at the best of times as I have been looking for something for my niece’s birthday which is later this month. Now I know what I will be getting/making her! She (and her brother I suspect!) will love this. Thanks for sharing!

  16. michelle

    These are super cute! Curious if you’d given any thought to creating a nativity set or even a Bible themed set? I know they’d be super popular w/MOPS groups, preschools, etc….. Would really love to know your thoughts on this, as I’m planning a Mommies Craft Night & these would be awesome! Thanks for considering!

  17. Chelsea Forsythe

    How many pages is the PDF file so I can price how much it would be to print off?
    Thank you!

  18. Tricia

    These are too cute! I will definitely be making these for a Girls Craft Night for all of our kids! How many blocks will if I purchase one set of the images? Thanks for your help and you have me intrigued to come back and check out your holiday images!

  19. These are adorable!

  20. Jo

    I love these! I am going to use this for a craft group too. I am in love with the nativity idea. Can you please please let me know when those are available?! I am really hoping that maybe they will be done in time also do for our craft night.

  21. Cary

    These are so great! You did an amazing job on them. I was winding if you would consider offering a set of boys and girls? I am trying to incorporate more “unisex” toys into the playroom…. the animals are cute, but those little children’s faces really speak to me!

    • Alma

      Thanks, Cary! All sets are available for $5 each. It’s $12 for all three, but you don’t need to buy all three together if you don’t want to!

  22. I love these, absolutely adorable and such a creative idea! I would love to do family blocks with a person representing each member of my family.

  23. Megan

    love this! Just bought the set of 3 and can’t wait to make them. I’ll keep checking back to see what other fun goodies you come up with. I saw in the comments someone suggested a nativity set like this. Yes, please!!

  24. Found this on pinterest and absolutely love it.

  25. Hi,
    do you know what store I can buy wooden blocks in so I dont have to pay for shipping?
    I dont think Michaels or Joanns would carry wooden blocks…any ideas? Thanks :)

    • Alma

      Hi, Tiffany! I bought the 1.5-inch ones at Hobby Lobby. Do you have one in your area? They also have 2-inch blocks, but not as many (the 2-inch come individually, and the 1.5-inch come in bags of 6, so they stock more of the bags). I believe my mom bought some at Michael’s or JoAnn’s. Just call ahead and ask them if you want to save yourself the trip!

  26. Cheryl A Hill

    I want these. Thanks Cheryl

  27. Tamara

    as others have said, these are adorable! i don’t have children yet, but would like to make a set for my neice who is 4. would these be age appropriate for her? i’m a bit clueless when it comes to stuff like this.

  28. Hi, Alma!! I love this project!! I have a question for you. I will be participating in a holiday craft fair to benefit my daughter’s school. Would you allow me to sell the finished products if all of the proceeds are donated to the school? And I include information that reflects that the images are your work?

  29. Lovely idea! Making ASAP!

  30. Annie

    This idea and artwork ROCKS! I got the complete set and am really pleased. I look forward to seeing what you do for Christmas. I’d love to see some nutcrackers, snowmen, or santas.

  31. Emilie

    Hi. Slightly stupid question: wouldn’t the ink run or smear at all when putting on the mod podge?

    • Alma

      Hi! Some home printers will run when you apply the mod podge. In the instructions, we tell people to test the mod podge on a scrap of paper (like the area where our logo is printed) to see if the ink will run. If it does, this can be printed inexpensively at a print shop like FedEx Office or Alphagraphics that uses laser printers.

  32. carly

    any idea when your holiday olli block designs will be coming out?

  33. Rachel

    Are you coming out with a holiday set?

  34. April

    Would these be safe for a baby to play with (since everything goes in their mouth and gets chewed on!!) So I guess I should say with the sealant is it safe, and with matte mod podge is it safe. I’ve used mp before but I’m still really new to all it’s uses!!

  35. Tam

    Fun blocks!
    Yep so far I love craftparts.com (I bought once with over $75 so I got free shipping).
    Except that if you get the tiles, some might come broken. Maybe it’s because I bought blocks at the same time that were “really” heavy. So you might want to buy extras of the tiles. But they aren’t the cheap tiles, they’re real solid wood! In case other’s are wondering.

    My problem is that my printer’s ink runs if I use mod podge on it. =(

  36. These are darling! I love to have toys for my daughters they are pretty and not the standard looking toy. I can’t wait to give these to them for Christmas. Thank you!

  37. elfe du sud

    Wonderfull ! I love …très intéressant et facile, je vais pouvoir faire plaisir à mes petits enfants. Thanks
    Elfe du sud

  38. Sarah

    Hi there, these are adorable! How many wooden blocks do you need for each set?

  39. Crystal

    Any place where to get a good deal on the wood blocks. They were pretty pricy at our craft store especially when wanting to do all 9! Any place on line you would suggest?

  40. Brooke

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but if I print on sticker paper then use a spray sealant, do I really need to Mod Podge?

    Can’t wait to make a set…and set up a DIY station for everyone to make their own favors at my daughter’s next bday party! Thanks!

  41. Lisa

    I LOVE these and I wanted to order the starter pack. However…from the site you have linked to purchase the blocks, the bag only has 10 in it. Don’t I need 12 blocks for this set? Or do I need more or less? How many blocks do I need to purchase for the complete starter set? I want to make these for my granddaughter for Christmas. Thank you so much!

    • Lisa

      Ok..thank you for your reply…..when I count the blocks for this set, it looks like there are 21? Is that correct? I have looked everywhere and cannot find them except the link that you showed…and it looks like i would need 2 bags of 10 plus one but I do not see where they sell them individually although I see them priced out that way? could you help? Is 9 blocks enough? I am trying to keep cost down…if 9 blocks will work then I will just order 1 bag. I will wait your reply! Thanks! Lisa

      • Lisa

        OH…and also do I need to order the sticker paper or can I just use card stock or regular paper…which is best? thanks

      • Hi, Lisa! You can buy these individually. When you follow the link, you can see that you can add each set to cart, or you can add the $12 set to cart.

        You need three blocks per set. So if you were to make all three sets, you would need 9 blocks total: 3 for the girls, 3 for the boys, 3 for the animals.

        What you’re seeing and counting is just a photo of several sets of Olliblocks together, but it represents more than just one set of each (I shot them that way just because I think it is fun to see them all together, and because when you download the artwork you are free to make as many as you like, but it’s more than just the three sets.)

        Let me know if you have any other questions!! I hope that explains it all! And I answered your other question via email, but I kind of alternate between what I prefer for making these… sometimes I use card stock and sometimes I use sticker paper. So by all means use card stock if that’s easier and means you don’t have to order anything!

  42. What a great idea! So cute.

  43. Jennifer

    I made these and the winter set for my nieces and my daughter for Christmas. They were a huge hit. I’m not at all crafty and people couldn’t believe I made these. Thanks for a great project. I love to play with these too. They are so cute!

  44. Amy Montes

    These are the most adorable things I have ever seen!! Thank you so much for sharing–I’m making these today for my little one. :)

  45. Rita

    I saw the post about not reselling these but would that also include making a set for a fundraiser silent auction item? It would make a great item for fundraiser. Thanks!

  46. I just bought some of these downloads today, and my kids absolutely love them! We will be buying every set you have made. Will you be making any spring or summer collections? I would love to keep adding to our block set, and they make the perfect little gift.

    Thank you!

  47. Kendall

    I ran into some issues and need some guidance. I printed the purchased templates (all three sets) on an HP PhotoSmart InkJet printer on Card Stock. I had all of the supplies and after I cut all of the pieces out, I started modge podging the sqaures on the blocks. Everything looked great until I put the outside coat on to seal the pieces and the ink start running and tinting the glue. I thought I could pull it off as a shabby chic look but the colors just started to look muddy. Any suggestions??

    • Alma

      Hi, Kendall. We definitely always suggest testing things out before doing the actual project, because printers will vary. Sounds like your printer ink isn’t holding up very well. We strongly recommend you have the artwork printed with a laser printer at a shop such as FedEx Office or Staples. That will hold its color much much better when in contact with the glue/mod podge! Good luck!

  48. Oh so in love! Simple fun for hours of fun! Thanks for sharing!

  49. callie

    These are so cute. But I tried purchasing but kept getting an error regarding my card numbers (they were/are correct). Any suggestions?

  50. Marsha

    I love the blocks. To make a set of the blocks featuring all of the graphics ( people and animals ) how many blocks would you need?

  51. This is so charming! Always impressed by you:)

  52. Barb

    How many coats of modge podge do I need to apply to the blocks?

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    the web site, that’s what this website is providing.

  54. Carolyn

    I see you are from the Provo area. Do you do classes here? I live in Orem and would love to attend a class.

  55. I’m curious if there is a better way to seal the blocks that are nontoxic. I’m sure my nephew will eventually stick one or two of these in his mouth!

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