Great Collaboration


While Mike and I love working together and collaborating on various projects, nothing gives us quite as much joy as our GREATEST collaborations, our children. We are now proud parents of two children; Baby Joan joined our family on April 3rd!

I had some health complications after the baby came (okay, that sounds more ominous and dramatic than it really is… I had to have my gallbladder out) and spent a few days in the hospital, which allowed us the time to actually put together a proper birth announcement (we never sent out a birth announcement for Oliver).

Nicole, of course, photographed our precious baby, so ultimately the announcements didn’t need very much design, since I didn’t want to compete with her beautiful images. Mike and I developed this idea together of a two sided announcement. I love that people have to choose which side to display on their fridges. I’ve had many reports of kids getting ahold of the cards and playing with them, flipping back and forth to show “happy baby, sad baby, happy baby, sad baby.” In fact, we even have a copy that I’ve been keeping in the car for Oliver to play with, because he also loves to flip it back and forth and say, “Awwwwwww, WAAAAA!”