Free Valentine’s Download and Twitter Backgrounds!

Since I’ve done a bit of work on my Valentine’s class, I thought I’d share! I have two things for you:

1) FREE Valentine’s Day – themed twitter backgrounds. (You’re free to use these however you like, though—not just limited to twitter.) Leave me a comment if you use one so that I can check it out! (See all the twitter backgrounds at the end of this post. To download the background, click the image and save the full-res version to your computer. Upload it to twitter, and make sure to press “tile.”)

2) FREE bird Valentine PDF. You can download this PDF and print as many copies as you like! The Valentines are meant to have a white border around them. Simply print the Valentines and cut them out! If you look closely at the image here, you may realize that there is an ever-so-slightly off-color joke (about the blue-footed boobie). For the “adult” version, click here. For the kid-friendly version, click here.

And if that’s not enough for you, I’m selling a copy of this PDF in our Etsy shop for $10. Pay just $10 and then print as many as you like!!

And I’m selling a copy of this PDF for $5. How can you not buy it?


Thanks, and happy Valentine’s Day!

PS: I have two more batches of twitter backgrounds if you’re interested in that sort of thing. Check them out here and here!


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  1. adore these – clean and whimsical and real

  2. I love them! I used one for my twitter background here:

    and I think I will use one for my blogger background later! Thanks so much!

  3. Wonderful! I've used one on my blog…thanks :o)

  4. Love them! I've used heartstrings on twitter –

  5. Anonymous

    Love it ! and used it on my twitter account : thank you so much !

  6. Alma,

    First time at your blog, love your creativity. Such beautiful art.

  7. These are adorable. Nice change for Valentine's day!

  8. Love this background! I use them here and here

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love the twitter backgrounds. Thanks so much! :)

  10. KMR

    I love the speech bubbles – thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Have the heartstrings background on my Twitter page

    Thanks for the fun.

  12. Thanks so much for giving these away…I used mine here:

  13. Cute! I chose heart strings for now… but may rotate to the other designs cause they're all so cute!

  14. Thanks everyone for commenting and for using the twitter backgrounds! It's so much fun to see them put to use. I think my favorite so far might be the speech bubbles, which isn't even V-Day specific!

  15. Carol

    Thank you!

  16. You are so rad for sharing the twitter backgrounds. Thanks!

  17. I love them too!
    I used one for my twiter background here:

  18. i love them! & i used the heartstrings! @rpose

  19. I used one on twitter, SO cute. (@emilyssomething)

  20. I'm using one of those at

    Thanks a lot! :)

  21. These are so fun! Added one to my twitter:

  22. thank you, these are so cute!

  23. I love thit,thanks for that,this is the one I used

  24. Thanks so much for sharing! I've changed my twitter background to the red hearts.

  25. so cute! thanks so much!

  26. love these! Thank you so much!


  27. Super cute! Thank you!

  28. Thank you so much for these lovely backgrounds! I can't choose a favourite, I keep swapping them around.

  29. Love your style!! Thanks for the Twitter patterns!

  30. Love the all and used one of the in my twitter account:

  31. Super cute stuff! Thanks for sharing. I used the hearts and woodgrain on my twitter account:

  32. using heart strings on our twitter! thanks!

  33. actually, was wondering….would you consider doing a heart strings with just red hearts? i think it would be adorable and i would LOVE it…

  34. Thank you, thank you these are so cool! Just dressed up my twitter with some little red hearts. Too cute!

  35. So cute! Thanks for sharing! I used the free valentine pdf for my twitter.

  36. So fun Alma! Can't wait to use one on twitter. I just love your work lady! Luvs.

  37. Laura VW

    I loev these – thank you for sharing!

  38. Thanks!! I used heart strings here:

    They are all so cute!

  39. I've used one on my twitter background, so pretty :)

  40. thanks! love the heart strings.

  41. Jen

    So very pretty. I added a background to my twitter.

  42. are you alma from alt?!

    yay, i found you.

    & i used that adorable quote background on my twitter. @carolineduke

    thank you!

  43. thank you alma! i just wanted to let you know that i used the heart strings background for twitter & my blog. happy valentines day!

    thanks again:) love your work!

  44. I love the twitter backgrounds!

    I'm @theAmberShow and used the heart strings. I changed the color of links to match the pink hearts.

  45. Thanks Love my new twitter background!

  46. melisheath

    thanks for the hearts!

  47. I changed my twitter background to one of your backgrounds! THANKS THANKS THANKS so much for sharing!!!

  48. K

    hello! I used heartstrings for the header on my blog. Thanks so much!!

  49. I used grey_color_hearts for my twitter background. Thanks so much!

  50. Your backgrounds are wonderful! As I nosing around I noticed the Olliebird Purple Party background and decided to use that one. Thanks!

  51. super cute! i'm using the grey coloured hearts. thanks for sharing :)

  52. thanks for the twitter background- it looks great!!

  53. e

    thanks for the great twitter bling! i used it @elizabethdiane

    looking forward to meeting you soon– Art Weekend LA!

  54. I love the heart strings one! I used it on my page @ammchand

    Thank you!

  55. thank you so much for sharing! i used the heartstrings on my twitter page.

  56. so cute. thanks!

  57. Hi there! I used one of your twitter backgrounds at thanks to the heads up from Thank you so much! :)

  58. Thanks!!! colorful heartstrings…makes me happy even when it's not Valentine's Day!!!

  59. So pretty – thanks so much for sharing!

  60. I used one of the old ones! Thanks for sharing!

  61. Love the valentine designs, thanks for sharing!

  62. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing! @JessLaszewski

  63. Anonymous

    that, I heart.
    Thank you @meawgyver

  64. thank you! love heartstrings on my twitter page!


  65. Thank you! I used the heartstrings background for my Twitter page & facebook photo.

  66. Thanks! My tweets are protected, but the heartstrings are up at

  67. what the what? why are you so awesome?!?!

  68. Anonymous

    So cute! Thanks for the free download! @halliebrooke

  69. I gave the arguing birds to a co-worker today and it was passed to everyone and it was agreed by all that it was "the best valentine they had ever seen"
    Way to go!

  70. Awww so cute! I used one on my twitter. Thanks!

  71. I have just used one of your beautiful twitter backgrounds.

    Thank you!!

  72. These backgrounds are just adorable and not just for Valentine's Day!

  73. candi

    thanks for the great background designs. i love the cards too.

  74. Hi! I used one of your designs as my twitter background. Thanks! =)

  75. Love the twitter backgrounds! I'm using one right now :)

  76. Great post! Always looking for ways to spice up my Twitter page.


  77. thank you.

  78. Amy

    Thanks so much. I just updated my background to use your speech bubbles pattern.

  79. used the speech balloons for twitter background. thanks so much for sharing!

  80. Jo


    I found your blog through How About Orange, and have used Heartstrings on my twitter:


  81. Amy

    I adore the speech bubble tile. Used it in the facelift of my blog. Thanks.


  82. Hi! Great backgrounds, thank you! I used the heart strings one!

  83. so cute! and used it on my twitter account! thank you so much!

  84. Thank you so much for putting out the time and effort to offer these for free! They’re beautiful and whimsical and I already have one of the heart backgrounds up on my Twitter account! VERY cute :)


    I used the red hearts on my twitter! Thanks!

  86. Love these! Added your gray hearts to my sidebar box just in time for V-Day! :)

  87. Flávia Rocha


  88. Trisha

    so like your arts… im just starting with twitter and wanted to use this as background :) Thanks in advance!

  89. Thanks, these are great!!

    I used the twitter background here!/DecidedlyUn and here (now I seriously need to update my header!)

    : ) Tasha

  90. Kirsten

    Very sweet heart background (grey hearts with solid).!/kahansen Thanks for sharing!

  91. I started a little recipe blog and remembered you’d had some free patterns here. I used one of the heart ones. Looks great. Thanks. :)

  92. Thea

    Very sweet. Thank you.

  93. I used the gray hearts for my twitter background and I love it! Thank you!! xo

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