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As a graphic designer, no new thing I do or try will stick unless it involves some good design. I recently committed to planning meals weekly and keeping the family to a food budget. So what I felt would really help me out was a place to display what meals I had to eat, and what ingredients I had in my fridge that needed to be eaten before they went bad. Like my huge block of gorgonzola from Costco for example. I developed this.

This is a meal planner that I am proud to display in my kitchen. Remember that advent calendar that I made for you all for Christmas? Well, I designed this to use the same frame. I designed the poster and printed it out, then put it under glass. I can write on the glass in dry erase (or wet erase) marker. That way, both Mike and I can see immediately what’s for dinner every week. I can also list what needs to be used up and what I still need to buy. And there’s plenty of room for lunch and breakfast if I’m so inclined. I have put this print for sale in our store in 5 different colors; for $10 you can have the files that you need to print the menu planner at three different sizes!  You can print it at home, at a print shop, or with a photo developer (I print my 16 x 20s for only $6 at Costco).

(By the way, if you want to learn to create your own graphics, check out my online Illustrator 101 course. )

Finally I also put together this fun design that you can download for free! I hope that you feel inspired to plan your weekly meals too, and I hope that one of these menu planners can help you feel like you’re doing it in style!


Click on the image above or click this link: menu planner. Wait for the image link to come in—this may take a while because it is a very large file. Save image to your computer. Dimensions are 19.625″ x 15.75″ but image can easily be cropped to most other standard dimensions. As is, the image will fit well in an Ikea Ribba frame.

To print the large image, try a printer such as Kinkos. I printed my poster at Kinkos for just under $10. Alternatively, you can have a photo processor (like Costco) develop this image. Just make sure when you’re uploading that you don’t choose “auto color correct” or “faster upload speed”.

Place image in a frame, under glass. Fill in your menu each week by writing on the glass in dry or wet erase marker!


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  1. I love it! Thank you!

  2. Love it LOVE it!!!

  3. adorable. you saved me. thank you.

  4. Sarah

    Just found your site and love your work. This meal planning sheet is adorable. I would love to buy the print at etsy, but says it is no longer available. Will you be offering them again?

  5. Sarah,

    I just relisted it!

  6. These are super cute! Thanks for the freebie!

  7. I just found you! thank you so much for beautiful menu planner. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  8. Lindsay Z

    Thank you!! This is awesome, and just what I need.

  9. zomg so cute!! Printing now!

  10. Great idea! Thank you!

  11. Oh this is a great idea!!!! Just awesome. Thanks for the download! :)

  12. This is seriously cool. What a striking idea! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  13. What an awesome freebie! Thanks. I can't wait to print it out… and start filling it in. FUN FUN!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing these! I love this idea!

  15. Fantastic idea! Clever AND stylish. I love it. Thanks!

  16. SWEET! Love these!

  17. I love this idea and your planner is so pretty! I would love to link to this if you didn't mind.

  18. Thanks everyone for your kind comments! Rachel feel free to link to it!

  19. so cute, thank you for sharing it. great idea!

  20. That is awesome!!! Much more asthetically pleasing than a plan old list.

  21. Thank u! just what i need! hello from Mexico

  22. I downloaded the Free Menu Planner but it's in PNG format and I'm having trouble uploading it to a photo site so that it can be made into a poster. Help? Thanks!!!

  23. These are fabulous! Love the retro colors and design – so fun! I've included in my weekly roundup of creative/inspiring/fun ideas, blogged here:
    Thank you so much for the printables!

  24. I just shared this link to this great download on my blog. thanks!

  25. For those of you who wanted this in a .JPG format to submit to a Photo Processing Center, there has been a link added to the post. The JPG file will be available for 14 days from July 7, 2010.

  26. Lovley:) What a great idea!

  27. Thanks so much for sharing this! I'm lucky enough to have my own laminator – so I'll be able to make my own wipe board with this. I can't wait to add it to my fridge door!

  28. Thank you! I love it!:)

  29. Anonymous

    Thanks for the JPG download!!!

  30. I tried to download the JPEG version of this, but I got a message saying either the end date or the download quota has been reached. :(

  31. I love it! But I was also unable to download the JPEG because of the number of downloads has exceeded even though the date hasn't passed. I would love it if it could be made available again!

  32. Thank you!! I printed mine on an A4 magnetic sheet and it now lives on our fridge!

  33. Tam

    thanks for sharing! this is awesome!

  34. These are so great. Thank you!!

  35. Darling menu print…Just what I needed…! Thank You very much ~

  36. Thank-you Thank-you. This is so much more stylish than scribbling onto a scrap of paper.xo

  37. This is such a cute way to keep track of your weekly meal plan! We're working on a post about organization and have included this printable in it. We used your thumbnail pic, gave a short description, credited you, and provided a direct link back to this post. We hope it's okay, but if you prefer we remove it let us know. Thank you again!

  38. great, than you! I ´ve printed it and hope it will help us plan our dinners better. I´ve looked for a good looking one, and now I found it. ye!

  39. This is so fabulous! What a great idea! Thank you!

  40. Thanks so much for the free download! I absolutely adore the menu plan. It’s on my to do list for my new kitchen.

  41. A

    I love it! thank you for sharing it :) xx

  42. Very stylish. Can’t wait to print one off.

  43. RULLA

    meny download

  44. lydia

    I love it! Thank you~ ^^

  45. I just wanted to let you know that I featured your printable on my blog today with a link back to you!

    Thanks for sharing!


  46. I featured your free printable in my post “Planning Your Meals & Eating your Leftovers {Ideas & Free Printable}”

  47. ivy

    these are adorable, just what we need to get us excited about cooking at home!

  48. I featured this creative printable menu planner on my blog. See link:

  49. I love this!

    I just wanted to tell you that I linked back to you. Your menu planner now lives in my newly renovated kitchen!


  50. Alma

    Has everyone been paying less than $10 to print this at full size (19.625″ x 15.75″)?? Fedex Kinkos, a local mom and pop printing shop as well as online printins service Snapfish have given me quotes in the $20+ range. I’d rather not pay that much to print, so I’d appreciate any advice!


  51. Allison tannery

    Alma with the brand new baby girl! I still carry your memory game in my purse, and actually played it with my husband at dinner recently. And now?! I see your menus on AT? That’s awesome! You don’t need surtex, they need you!

  52. Aseel


    I would like to purchase the weekly menu planner but it doesn’t show up. Is it still available? It looks adorable and I would love to download it.


  53. Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous printable meal planner (it’s stylish and fun)! I recently featured it on my blog with a link back to you. Happy meal planning!

  54. Aloe

    Thank you so much– my daughters fell in love with this, it’s going in the kitchen

  55. Your scribble menu planner is one of the best printables have seen yet! I’m absolutely going to be using this! Thank you so much! (I’d love to feature this on my blog, linking over here to you of course!)

  56. Donna

    Such a fabulous design – I’ve downloaded the JPG, but it isn’t accepted at either Vista Print or Fed Ex Kinkos websites. Can someone clue me in on how to get this printed? I was hoping to print it full size…

    • admin

      It should be accepted as a jpg. That is the most common digital image type. Costco does a good job and you can upload it online. Not sure about the other sites you mentioned. Sorry, good luck!!

  57. admin

    Donna, I wonder if it’s not accepted at Kinkos online or Vista Print because it is in RGB, not CMYK. If you put this on a thumb drive and take it in to a Kinkos, they should be able to print it. Otherwise, use a photo processor like Costco or anywhere else that develops photos!

  58. This is just too cute. I posted a link on my blog today! Thanks for sharing!

  59. Is it possible to buy the orange one at the top any longer?

  60. admin

    I have just created a store for the menu planners. The one design is still free, but if you’re interested in the other design, visit our store at It’s available in five colors. Right now everything is bare bones, but I’ll look into changing that!

  61. Aunt Rhonda

    Amy, I love this!

  62. Svelarde

    Thanks so much. These are beautiful and functional. I’ve been searching for just something like this.

  63. Cristina

    I have printed both and laminated them. They’re now on my fridge and have used them every week!! Thank you!! Much appreciated!!

  64. kylie

    can you do the blue one above in a lime green?

  65. Totally love this and have just mentioned it on my blog. Hope it’s okay to feature it there. Great work and you inspired me to finally plan my menus!

  66. Beverly

    Thanks for the printable and the tutorial. I’ve been wondering how to make my own. Thanks so much.

  67. Beverly

    Super cute. Thanks

  68. Hi Ollibird, thanks for these free templates!
    I’ve shared the scribbled menu here on my blog pointing out your great materials.
    Thanks again!

  69. Gabriela

    I love this menu design. :) <3 thanks!

  70. Hi there, yeah this post is in fact good and I have learned lot of things
    from it regarding blogging. thanks.

  71. Love these. Just printed off the blue one, put in a protective sleeve and put on my fridge! Thank you soooo much!

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